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Galapara Web Camera Full HD 1080p with Autofocus

Galapara Web Camera Full HD 1080p with Autofocus
Galapara Web Camera Full HD 1080p with Autofocus
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Full HD 1080P Webcam with microphone, rotating cameras for conference work and live TV calls

Auto focus, clear output. Full HD 1080P output with ultra high color reproduction. Built-in sound absorption microphone, your voice can be heard clearly from 10 meters. Wide angle without distortion, the horizontal angle can reach 100 °. Left and right 360 degrees and up & down 45 degrees rotatable, you can adjust the angle as you like. Built-in microphone, the receiving distance can reach 3-5 meters. No USB driver, plug and play, high compatibility. Suitable for video conference, webcast, video call, etc.

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